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Welcome to 5Seven records and Tapes. We are a DIY record label & art collective that started in Tijuana Mexico and is now run by unpaid volunteers around the world. Our goal is to support artists we love and have fun in the process. We sell our releases at cost and we try really hard to make cool shit. A big part of our mission is helping great social causes, so we auction off a bunch of our releases to benefit non profits we love. So far we have raised over $3,000 to some badass organizations! We also love experimenting with unconventional formats, 8-tracks, reel to reels, floppys, video game cartridges, VHS..etc. If you have  cool ideas or want to get involved email us , we are always looking for volunteers: graphic designers, resident punks, & video editing wizards.

--  And pelase remember to support your local bands and local shops  

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Label Updates
Update March 8> people keep asking us how to get updates on new releases, for now we will post on instagram (link)  or you can signup for our email newsletter here.

Update Oct 30> we released the Gizz vinyl and NES yesterday and it sold out instantly. We put our copy of the NES cart and VINYL test pressing on ebay where 100% proceeds go to KIND (link), a non profit that helps immigrant children who are alone and to the International Rescue Committee organization that helps with humanitarian crises.
BOOM we raised $400 in the two charity auctions for these great organizations!

Update Dec 12th > THEE OH SEES - The 8-Track Collection is up for sale! (Update: SOLD OUT)

Update May 19th > The second press of the Poly 8-bit vinyl on yellow wax and the V2 of the king gizzard NES game are up for sale, get em here! (Update: These sold out again same day, stay tuned on Instagram for potential future runs). We put up 12 items up on ebay in our massive charity sale supporting Elizabeth House (info here, they provide shelter & services for pregnant women and children experiencing homelessness) and East LA Women's Center (info here, they aim to ensure that women live in a place of safety and health, free from violence and abuse). BOOM we raised $2,087 in the two charity auctions!

57 Records and Tapes Releases of the month:

Release #1-
The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People
For sale here on December 22 2021 at 10am PST

Learn more about the release here


Release #2 - OBROIION 01

Our baby, a 13 minute 1970s punk rock opera created entirely by artificial intelligence (the music, the story, the artwork). OBROIION 01 story of sentient robots killing humans and taking over the world, as told by AI itself. Learn how it was made here. It doesnt get any better (or weirder) than this. Released in April 2021 to a very confused and polarized audience. Punk rock indeed

Release #3) you have heard the legend, here it is, chiptune king gizzard on NES cartridge V2 by the legendary 8-bit escapades, 140 songs 13 albums, chiptune in its maximum form, only playable in an oldschool NES system, only 200 copies exist on deep space black and river gator green, , thanks to all that helped make this release, nathan, wyatt, mitchell, shiru, infiniteneslives, stoneagegamer, galea, julia...etc buy here

wtf, is this thing real? heck yeah honeybunny, see it in action below

Release #4
oh sees / thee oh sees / ocs
- the 8-track collection (SOLD OUT)


collectors beware 

your gathering of arms is dangerously close to incomplete
the wizard has shook his crooked stick and *poof*
a thing of beauty
12 selected full albums from the discography of john dwyer’s oh sees, thee oh sees and OCS
ranging from 2008-2018
the meat of the beast
this touring machine has time machined back in time to plant their kisses upon a, a rainbow of 8 track cartridges
professionally dubbed and packaged beautifully (fest your peeled peepers on the pictures below)
with art by ELZO DURT ( ocs live, carrion crawler artist)
flourished with fan zine, iron-on patch pins and stickers

its a tank
had to search through many dimensions to unearth this arcana
and it took a master to wrangle it all into shape for this very special and limited release
niche? yes
substantial ? yes
fucking cool?
we think so

cheers big ears



Here it is, the official and very limited collection of 12 Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees, OCS Albums on Stereo 8-Track Cartridges. Only 100 hand numbered boxsets were made with only 60 going up for sale to the public, (the rest are going to the band and all the volunteers that worked on this release). It took us well over a year to make these 100 sets, so this is the first and final edition of this massive boxset. Every 8-track cart in this collection was reconditioned by hand from 40+ year old cartridges and each album is on a specific color and hand numbered cartridge. No expense was spared making this limited boxset with original artwork by ELZO DURT, and which includes 130 songs and over 8 hours 21 minutes of music. The release includes a 36 page zine (with the making of the release, 8-track history, album information, band posters and more), a limited edition 5"x7" photo signed by JPD, & some extra goodies (3" patch, stickers, buttons).

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